Become an external expert

Are you interested in becoming an external expert for European programmes? This role offers several advantages and will help you to better understand the expectations of the European Commission.

Proposals in response to project calls are evaluated by peers. The European Commission is constantly looking for research experts from different backgrounds to sit on panels. These are renewed regularly. To be approached as an external expert, you need to register with the European Commission.

The evaluation process

Horizon Europe projects are evaluated by peers. Evaluation is based on three criteria: excellence, impact, and quality of implementation.

Erasmus+ projects are also evaluated by peers. There are four criteria: relevance of the project, quality of the project and its implementation, quality of the partnership and cooperation arrangements, and impact.

Reasons to register as an expert evaluator for European projects

2PE strongly encourages you to register because of the benefits this offers: 

  • Gain a better understanding of European expectations: becoming an external expert will give you a good grasp of the evaluation criteria for European projects and how they are applied, and help you identify the strong points of successful proposals.
  • Develop or extend your networks: you will also have an opportunity to learn from European and international experts from different disciplines and with diverse backgrounds.
  • Gain an overview and refine your knowledge: evaluating projects is a good way to update your current scientific and technical knowledge. Analysing high quality proposals is also intellectually stimulating.

Evaluators receive €450 per day of assignment (or per case) and expenses (travel to Brussels).

How to register

There are two stages to registration:

  • Create an ECAS account on the participant portal.
  • Register your details in the European Commission database for external experts. Then, complete an online questionnaire about your skills, background, subject areas, and publications with their Digital Object Identifiers (estimated time needed: 1 to 2 hours). Update your profile regularly according to calls which are going to be published!

The European Commission is particularly interested in recruiting evaluators with business/innovation expertise, or cross-disciplinary expertise (ethics, data management, gender issues), and women.