Funding support

Would you like to apply to a project call? Various funding mechanisms are available through the Regional Council of Brittany and the French National Research Agency (ANR) to help you develop your proposal.


This programme from the Regional Council of Brittany provides financial support to (lecturer-)researchers at Brittany based institutions who are developing research and/or education projects in response to a European call for proposals. Boost'Europe offers funding for travel, consortia meetings and external services. 


Boost’Europe has three strands

  • Boost’Mobilité: grants to initiate European projects
  • Boost’Coordination: grants for coordinators of collaborative European projects
  • Boost’ERC: grants for ERC project leaders

Grants range from between €1,000 and €20,000 depending on the strand. 

2PE – Bretagne can help you with your Boost’Europe grant application. Get in touch with us, for more information and support.

Montage de Réseaux Scientifiques Européens ou Internationaux (MRSEI)



MRSEI is an initiative from the French National Research Agency (ANR). It was set up to improve France’s success rate in European (Horizon Europe) and international project calls and strengthen its research positioning by coordinating ambitious European and/or international scale projects. Supported projects must form a research network, covering subjects from all disciplines, with the aim of responding to a European or international project call. MRSEI projects are funded for two years and receive €30,000. 

Tremplin ERC


The ANR’s Tremplin ERC initiative was set up to improve France's success rate in ERC project calls. It provides funding to candidates attached to French public research bodies who did not receive ERC Starting or Consolidator Grant funding despite having submitted a top-quality project (ranked A after the second evaluation step). Tremplin ERC helps these candidates to improve their proposal so they can submit a new application to the ERC (Starting or Consolidator Grant). Projects receive funding for two years, with up to €125,000 available for Starting Grant applicants and €150,000 for Consolidator Grant applicants. As part of submitting an ERC application, candidates consent to the ERC Executive Agency forwarding their contact details to the ANR who will contact them if they are eligible for Tremplin ERC support.