Sharing best practice and information is an essential aspect of European projects. 2PE – Bretagne plays a role in two regional networks: the Noé Bretagne Network and the Réseau des référents formation.

Noé Bretagne network

Logo Noé Bretagne © Noé Bretagne

Noé Bretagne is a regional network of around 30 academic stakeholders (universities, grandes écoles, research organisations, etc) and socio-economic stakeholders (competitiveness clusters, Technopoles, etc). It was created by the Regional Council of Brittany and is jointly coordinated by Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) and 2PE – Bretagne.

Noé Bretagne encourages and helps research units and businesses in Brittany to access European research and innovation programmes, such as Horizon Europe, through coordinated awareness campaigns and the sharing of best practice between members. Noé Bretagne enables partners from different sectors to find each other, regionally and across Europe. 

Réseau des référents formation

This regional network for higher education institutions in Brittany provides a forum for joint thinking and discussing and sharing best practice on implementing actions under the Erasmus+ programme.