The project engineering process

Which services can you benefit from?
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Our team of project engineers is organized and based on scientific fields. You can ask the engineer who is the referent in your domain and she/he will provide you with a personalized support for:

Developing new projects - Services accessible to the entire academic community

  • targeted monitoring, awareness raising, information and training on financing programs and instruments;
  • detection of opportunities;
  • personalized advice for project leaders.

Setting up your project proposals - Only available to members.

  • assistance with strategic positioning and structuring;
  • compliance with the eligibility and evaluation criteria;
  • support for drafting the 'Impact' and 'Implementation' parts in particular;
  • administrative and financial engineering;
  • support for proposals submission.

Once the projects have been accepted, the competent internal services of each organization provides you with assistance for the contractualisation process as well as for the management of the related grant agreements and the project management.
Our intervention methods are defined according to the policies and organizations of each academic actor based in Brittany. We work closely with identified persons of reference within each organization.

Should you like to set up or participate in a European project,
Please contact the 2PE engineer in your area of research and / or teaching in Brest or Rennes in order to discuss your project and the possibilities of support.

Some activity indicators:
Each year, more than 400 project leaders benefit from our support, including about 120 for the preparation and submission of proposals in response to:

  • the calls of the European Research Council – H2020-ERC (20%);
  • the calls for the Marie Skodowska Curie programme – Individual grants H2020-IF (20%) and Networks H2020-ITN and RISE (15%);
  • the calls for collaborative research and innovation projects: H2020-RIA/IA, other European programmes etc. (30%);
  • the calls for collaborative lifelong learning projects: Erasmus + Joint Master Degrees, Capacity Building, Strategic Partnerships, Jean Monnet Activities, etc. (15%).

We focus our activity on projects coordinated in Brittany (75% of projects supported and submitted).