Supporting (lecturer-)researchers and researchers with their European projects

If you are a Brittany based lecturer-researcher or researcher, the team at 2PE – Bretagne can give you information and advice about opportunities available through the Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ framework programmes. If you are from one of our member institutions, we can also support you with setting up your project.

Are you looking for funding for a European project and/or to recruit doctoral and postdoctoral researchers?

Do you have an idea for a project which you would like to fund at European level through Horizon Europe or Erasmus+?

The 2PE funding guide provides an overview of the research, innovation, and education possibilities offered through these two programmes.

 Our European projects officers specialise in different research areas and can advise you on suitable project calls in your field for your project idea. Once you have identified the type of project call you would like to apply for, we can then help you to understand its content and expectations. The 2PE-Bretagne team also holds regular information meetings and webinars about European programmes.

If you would like to recruit/host doctoral researchers at your research unit, you can apply for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network call and build a European network of PhD students around a topic.

If you would like to host a postdoctoral researcher with an international background at your research unit, you could supervise a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow.

You could also recruit and fund PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with an ERC grant.

Are you interested in a specific project call?

The 2PE-Bretagne projects officer responsible for your research area will check your eligibility and your project's feasibility to make sure it matches the expectations of the call. He/she can also help you to decode the call you are applying for.

Are you looking for partners to submit a European project proposal?

2PE-Bretagne member institutions only

For some collaborative project calls, the consortium’s composition must meet certain conditions (e.g., involvement of private partners, user associations or certain third countries).  Our projects officers can tell you about these conditions and, through our networks (Noé Bretagne, Réseau des référents formation and national working groups), signpost you to potential partners.

Are you submitting a European project proposal as a coordinator?

2PE-Bretagne member institutions only

A 2PE projects officer will support you from your initial idea for a project through to submitting your proposal. Once the feasibility of your project has been established, they will work with you to draw up a retroplan, setting out the tasks each party needs to accomplish according to the time remaining until the submission deadline. For collaborative projects, the projects officer will co-facilitate consortium meetings with you, liaise with partners about administrative and financial matters and make sure that actions in the retroplan are carried out.

They will also help you with writing the Impact and Implementation parts of your research proposal (expected impacts, communication, dissemination, managing intellectual property, managing financial resources).

Through critical reviews of your application, the 2PE team will help you organise the ideas in your project and advise you on overarching matters such as ethics, gender, open science, the place of social sciences and humanities and environmental impacts.

In parallel to the research proposal, the projects officer will also complete administrative information, help you to define the budget required and liaise with the appropriate services at your institution to obtain their support.

Are you submitting a European project proposal as a partner?

2PE-Bretagne member institutions only

The projects officer will work with you on drawing up the budget required, forward necessary information to the coordinator and enter the administrative and financial information concerning your institution online. They will also obtain support for your proposal from the establishment.

Are you looking for financial support to set up your project?

2PE-Bretagne can direct you towards several sources of funding to set up your project:

  • Boost’Europe: This funding programme from the Region of Brittany authorities is for researchers and lecturer-researchers working at institutions in Brittany. It offers three kinds of grant: Boost’Mobilité (for support starting up European projects), Boost’Coordination (for coordinators of collaborative European projects) and Boost’ERC (for leaders of ERC projects). 2PE-Bretagne can help you with your application for a Boost’Europe grant.
  • Montage De Réseaux Scientifiques Européens ou Internationaux (MRSEI): This initiative from the French National Research Agency (ANR) provides support with forming research networks to apply to a European or international projects call.
  • Tremplin ERC: This ANR initiative was set up to improve France's success rate in ERC project calls. It offers funding to unsuccessful ERC Starting or Consolidator Grant applicants whose projects were ranked A after the second evaluation step, so that they can improve and resubmit their proposals.

Are you a partner in or coordinator of an upcoming or established project and moving or planning to move to Brittany?

If your project is collaborative and already in progress, it will continue at the institution where it began. In contrast, if your project is supported by the ERC, funding is attached to you as the principal investigator rather than the institution. If you relocate, the project will therefore be hosted at your "new" institution.

We would advise you to get in touch with your future or potential employer to find out what the arrangements are for transferring your ERC project. You will also need to provide justification to the European Commission.

If you are in the process of setting up a European project and you move or plan to move to Brittany, get in touch with the 2PE-Bretagne team to discuss the implications for your project.