What we do

2PE-Bretagne’s projects officers provide information, advice and support on developing European research, innovation and education projects. Every year we advise more than 250 (teachers-)researchers and help around 120 of them through to the submission stage of their proposals.

Information and advice

Our projects officers all specialise in different research areas and keep an active and focused eye on available EU funding programmes and support.

They also hold information and training sessions on European programmes, in the form of meetings and general webinars for the regional community. Projects officers provide more specific support within research units and faculties as well and hold regular office hours at research units and member institutions.

With their in-depth knowledge of European framework programmes and funding instruments, our projects officers can give you personalised advice and targeted information about the most appropriate funding opportunities for your project.

Our monitoring, information and advisory services are open to everyone in Brittany’s academic community.

Project supportProject support© © 2PE

Assistance setting up your project

Our support is open to institutions who have signed the 2PE-Bretagne partnership agreement.  Our projects officers provide personalised support until you submit your project proposal. This service includes:

  • Advice on organising ideas and any cross-disciplinary or cross-sectoral aspects, understanding application forms, and writing proposals.
  • For coordinators of collaborative projects: help setting up a consortium and organising and co-facilitating consortium meetings.
  • Critical reviews of project proposals; editing advice.
  • Suggestions and ideas for the “expected impacts”, “dissemination”, and “communication” sections.
  • Assistance with developing a budget; filling administrative information online.

Once a project has been submitted and funded, it is automatically handed over to the administrative services at each institution who will arrange the grant agreement preparation and organise project management.

Would you like to initiate a project?

Do you have an idea for a project? Would you like information on opportunities offered through EU programmes? Would you like to launch a European level project but are unsure where to start? 2PE’s European projects officers can answer your questions, point you in the right direction and support you.

Contact the European projects officer responsible for your research area in the Brest-Lorient-Vannes or Rennes-Lannion division.