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About 2PE

Plateforme Projets Européens (2PE) – Bretagne (2PE – Bretagne) is an integrated regional service. We support and promote the participation of Brittany's academic community in the EU’s framework programmes for research and innovation (Horizon Europe) and education (Erasmus+).

If you would like to set up a research/education project, our team is on hand, locally, to give you customised advice and support, from your initial ideas through to submitting your proposal. Our comprehensive services are open to the sixteen member institutions.

Our projects officers cover the entire region and specialise in the major research areas. Our Rennes-based projects officers (Beaulieu campus) support researchers in the Rennes-Lannion division and our officers in Brest (UBO Presidency office) support researchers in the Brest-Lorient-Vannes division. All our projects officers hold office hours at research units and/or 2PE-Bretagne’s member institutions.

They work in close collaboration with research unit and faculty directors and with support staff from academic institutions.

2PE-Bretagne also supports institutions with developing their European strategies and policies.

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Working for the region

As well as advising on European programmes and supporting (teachers-)researchers, 2PE-Bretagne acts as the regional point of contact for various initiatives:

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Read our guide to EU funding − includes information sheets on the funding options available for European-level research, innovation and/or education projects.